The 30-Day Sex Solution Book

Do you feel that your marital passion has waned? That you go for months without making love to each other? That you feel sexually bored, disconnected, frustrated or unsatisfied? Do you wish to feel that sizzling sexual spark for each other once again? Do you wonder if it is possible to lust and long for your long-term partner the way you did when you first met?

The answer is resounding yes!

The 30 Day Sex Solution is a day by day, step by step guide to improving your relationship and enhancing your sex life in just one month’s time. It is the thrilling, intimacy-building, soul-fulfilling sex that our Program ambitiously helps you achieve through sexercising your mind, body and soul.

Like many couples you may feel like you are too busy to read this book (or any book for that matter), or that you don’t want your sex life to become “work”. But research clearly shows that making time and effort to improve your sexual intimacy is one of the best emotional and financial investments you can make. One study found that increasing intercourse from once a month to once a week is equivalent to the happiness generated by getting an additional $50,000 in income for the average American! The economists who conducted that study also estimated that a lasting marriage equated to the happiness generated by an extra $100,000 per year. It is clear that taking time to improve your sex life is worth your time and money. Our book is succinct and to the point, it inspires without being verbose and offers practical, easy to do exercises supported by scientific research and tested in our clinical practice. So take 30 days to save and solidify your relationship and to become healthy, happy and horny for each other once again.

In just 30 days, you will learn:

How to bring your partner closer by practicing Relationship ABC

The 5 A’s of Intense Intimacy: Attention, Affection, Appreciation, Affirmation, and Adoration 

By being cognizant of The 5 C’s of lasting relatonship: chemistry, compatibility (core belief commonality and complimentary differences), communication (reciprocity and receptivity), commitment (constraint vs dedication), compromise (cooperation when desire discrepancy arises)

By recognizing The 3 D’s of relationship downfall: feeling disconnected, dejected and deserted

By engaging into The 3 G’s of boosting your relationship satisfaction: gratitude, generosity and graciousness.

How to improve your physical intimacy

By practicing our special hugging we call huggus uninterruptus

By engaging in healing sexual touch such as sensate focus exercises

By modifying your lifestyle and adding sexual exercises and aphrodisiacs

By connecting through pressure-free physical intimacy such as Karezza

How to improve your emotional intimacy

By reducing negative emotions such as resentment, guilt and shame

By amplifying positive interactions through keeping “Our Happiness Diary”

By putting tokens of good will in the “Treasure Chest” or “Fuel Tank”

By sharing your love maps, formative firsts and secret sexual fantasies 

How to improve your sexual intimacy

By adding playfulness through suggested role-play

By changing sexual script by adding to the “Jar of Our Desires”

By observing what your partner enjoys and noting in “His and Hers Pleasure Manual”

By adding naughtiness through experimenting with alternative sexual lifestyles

By trying innovative sexual techniques and “outercourse”

How to improve your and your partner’s orgasmic capacity

By learning the secrets of pelvic exercises and Kegeling

By exploring your partner’s hot spots or moan zones

By knowing how to turn sex into full body love making

By practicing “peaking”, orgasm denial and gratification delay

By choosing the right erotica to amplify each other’s arousal

And much much more!
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Part 1. The Priority Factor: Days 1 - 6

Chapter 1. Committing to the Program

Chapter 2. Releasing Your Libido

Chapter 3. Reducing Distractions

Part 2. The Intimacy Factor: Days 7 -12

Chapter 4. Removing Emotional Barriers  

Chapter 5. Enhancing Intimate Communication

Chapter 6. Revealing Sexual Vulnerability

Part 3. The Novelty Factor: Days 13 - 18

Chapter 7. Reinventing Yourself

Chapter 8. Rediscovering Each Other

Chapter 9. Revamping Your Sexual Script

Part 4. The Naughtiness Factor: Day 19 - 24

Chapter 10. Adding Playfulness to Sex

Chapter 11. Using Erotica to Enhance Arousal

Chapter 12. Expanding Sexual Horizons

Part 5. The Loftiness Factor: Days 25 - 30

Chapter 13. Delaying Gratification

Chapter 14. Becoming “Sexual Soulmates”

Chapter 15. Transcending the Physical

Appendix: Sex Resources



booksmallThe book is a collaboration of two mental health professionals who have been treating couples and families for over ten years: Victoria, who has a doctorate in clinical psychology and post-graduate training in sex therapy, and John, who has a masters in marriage and family therapy. They are currently working together with their partner, Dr David Youngelman, in PA and NJ wellness centers. John and Victoria met fifteen years ago in a club outside Washington, DC, called quite prophetically, Sesto Senso, which means “sixth sense” in Italian. Barely a week later, they moved in together, full of hope and promise of “happily thereafter.”

Authors John Wilson and Dr. Victoria Wilson

Their journey turned out to be a bumpy ride with many detours and derailments along the way, not least because of their different personalities and values, personal losses, childrearing and career changes.  And so this book was born not only of their clinical experience but also out of their quest to keep their passion alive through the years. Their hope is that you, like they, will learn to put your best effort in not only re-sparking the sexual desire you once had for each other, but taking it to the higher level of erotically charged living, the one you never thought was possible.

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